About Us

“Veles – this name is very respectable, it is a Slavic god. Veles is the god of the underworld, wilderness and magic. We must honor such a god, because in our profession sometimes goes for life.”

We are firm bringing together professional fighting stuntmen, both for film and live scenes. We dedicate mainly to fencing and fighting scenes but at this time we are able to fulfill the whole range of stunt actions.

Our people are not only perfect stunt performers but also skilled actor with many experiences from theatre, street performances, live stunt shows (Germany, Austria) and films. We are able to entertain the small audiences as good as the big ones and we are also familiar with small roles in films.

We have the experiences with falls from heights, burning, special acrobatic elements and jumps with parachute too.

We are also experienced in ZFX actions, thus special effects emphasizing the human’s movements in extreme situations through strings and suspension systems. This effects are also known as rigging. We have equipment and know-how for this difficult part of stunt work.

We work with children, so we educate the next generation of stuntmen.

We manage the workshops for stuntmen.

We have lot of experiences with „Motion Capture“ for digitization of movements for PC games and films.

Partners of VELES STUNTS is also the professional team of stuntmen on the horses.




  • Herbert Heissler
  • Radim Leb

Official collaborators:

Our partner and cooperator in 2017 and 2018 for big horse show is Arturius Horse Stunt Team

Official fitness trainer:

Zdeněk Holeček – Extrifit powerlifting team HK.

Twice international master of Czech Republic of bench press, first place of the European champion of bench press, third place of the World champion of bench press, keeper of national record!

Officials collaboration with productions companies


Our background

We have own big hall for preparing all of our action we do. We make 4 or 5 times per week two hour long training.


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