Fighting, Boxing

Fight scenes

Our stuntmen train regularly and intensely the fight with arms and without them as well. Besides we continue in tradition of european fencing, which we train and practise in scenic and film version, but also in the real use of the tournament, battles or reconstruction of the historical technics according period sources. We manage all classical arms like swords, axes, spears, cords, sabers, rapiers and many of others. Concurrently with that, we practise also the using of firearms throughout history up to the present, CQB etc.

The fight without weapon is represented among our members in many forms like a karate, taekwondo, bujinkan, muay thai, Greco-Roman wrestling, russian martial arts and more. Concurrently for purpose of historical films, we examine and reconstruct also the ringen, as original european wrestling style.

The choreography of fights, which we create, are based on long standing experience during compilation of duels for film and scene, but also on the practical knowledge and skills, which we dispose. We are able to construct fighting choreography for any period, from prehistory to sci-fi, and that with utilization of different arms, surroundings, characters etc.

Among projects realised by our association more recently belong especially films like a Vote for the Roman king, Lost Legion, Cyril and Methodius, Jan Hus, Raden, Knights, Joan of Arc and more. Next to film projects, is there the live performances and composed programs too, where we provided the fighting scenes. In last years, our team has operated mainly at the biggest european tournament in Kaltenberg, in night show of amusement park in Heroldsbach, at tournament in the Deer moat of Prague castle and many events like these.