Work with children

Work with children

Within our association, The children are trained mainly by accountable teacher Radim Leb, furthermore also by the instructors Herbert Heissler, Vojtěch Vrobel and others.

Twice a week, We have regularly children’s trainings of the fencing and stunt work basics in the fencing room in Tuhaň. The age interface is from 4 to 15 years.

The trainings are every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 p.m. for beginners and from 6 p.m. for advanced.

The advanced created his own band  „Los Bandidos“ allready, which has already done a several performence and some members also the film recording, include the doubles of children actors.

Next to their live performance, some members have already got involved of film recording:

  • Jan Hus
  • The Crown Prince
  • shooting of PROMO video of association
  • trailer to the compation Gloria musaealis 2015